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a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Is that what I’m currently feeling? that innate feeling and desire to travel.

The airport is literally one bus away from work, a travel time of less than half an hour. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been at the airport for an extended lunch break, just so I could break my own heart; by not flying off to some foreign land.

I do want to travel the world and see what it has to offer. Experience the natural beauties such as the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) or its less famous (but equally as beautiful) counterpart, the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). I want to see the various stadiums of the world, from San Siro to the Juventus Stadium to Nou Camp to Santiago Bernabeu to Waldstadion to Allianz-Arena to the Maracana. I can go on, and this post would be longer than I intend for it to be.

Well, my point is, I do feel the desire to travel and see the world, but ultimately, what I’m actually feeling now is the need to just escape. Go somewhere, relax and just forget my troubles and stress for the time being. Escape and recharge my batteries.

This not me saying that I want to run away from my problems and whatever that has been stressful and is causing me stress. By all means, stress is good, I got that from one of my favourite Ted talks ever.

[ih-skey-piz-uh m]

habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine.

Well, that’s pretty much what it is. A chronic case of needing to escape. If one thinks about it really hard, we pretty much escape on a daily basis. At work, I always have Spotify on for two reason, (some) music helps me focus and well, the second, to escape. Music brings me to my happy place, in fact, there is an Alison Wonderland track of that exact same title; Happy Place.

The ritual of escaping continues at home as well. I’d continue with Spotify or I’d be playing games on the PS4 or the laptop. I would watch shows on Netflix or catch the latest episodes of the series that I’m following. Some might argue those aren’t really escaping the real world, but for the period you are engrossed in your gaming session or that hour you spent watching a mindfuck of an episode of Black Mirror, you have disconnect from reality, to an extent.

Your problems have been cast aside. You ARE in another world.


Well, it’s simple, really. I just want to board a plane, go some place, away from work and other stuff. Take a break. Chill, relax, breathe.

Everything else was just an attempt at me making sense of my thoughts. Next would be my thoughts on how I find sapiosexuals, pretentious. I kid. Or am I kidding?


the XX in Singapore!

I’m so excited! I am so stoked! Imagine the excitement I felt when I opened my inbox earlier this morning and I saw the below headline/subject line.

thexx email



gosh I was so excited that I couldn’t concentrate for a good hour, ooops. 😛

I still remember the disappointment I felt when I saw they announced SEVEN straight shows in London, but it starts only AFTER I’m already back home in sunny Singapore. I was bummed.

So, can you imagine the excitement I felt this morning as I saw that subject line? I was so excited.

Here’s what the message ultimately said:

thexx concert message

Yes! I am excited as well! I can’t wait to see you guys as well! On my birthday month too!

Perhaps all that excitement shouldn’t take me an hour to get over, right? Well, I created a playlist on Spotify, based off their setlist at Loolapalooza Brazil I am so hyped up already.

Check out the playlist below:

Further time was spent looking up more information on the concert as well event details on Facebook. The ticket details and seating plan is also out. Gosh, such excitement!!

thexx seating plan

Pretty much decided on getting Cat 2 tickets as the Cat 1 seating are sideways, and I feel that it sucks and Standing Pen, well, I don’t really wanna come early and queue just to get good spots for the standing pen.

Can’t wait for this to happen. Come 25th July 2017, you’ll definitely see me there!


-zullio 🙂