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A reason

All things happen, for a reason.

It might be divine intervention, or it could be just pure laziness to restart the process because your session has timed out. The latter took place during lunch time yesterday; about 24 hours ago. I decided it was finally time to book my flight tickets to Jakarta and Bali. I did the search, picked the flights, entered the relevant information but stopped short as I was getting hungry.

Then, just as I completed booking for the flight to Bali (from Jakarta, no less), I switched tabs to complete the booking for the other flight.

“Your session has timed out. Please restart the process”

Are the rough words of what was on the pop up. I got lazy and decided that I’d just do it when I get home.

Fast-forward to 19:42, message from Syafiq said, and I quote:

“In Flames coming to sg sia! July 20th”

My first thought was, “Shit. That’s the day I’d fly to Jakarta; in the morning!”

A bit of a back and forth later, I decided that I would skip the first day of We The Fest and go catch In Flames instead; flying off the next day. As it is, this would be In Flames first performance here in Singapore and when else would they be back? That got to me. Let’s just hope that I don’t end up missing Lorde, Odesza or the Neighbourhood.

Procrastination does pay off sometimes, heh.

P/S: just checked, definitely not missing Odesza as they’re performing in Singapore on the 20th as well! yassssss.


Arctic Monkeys

the polar primates. I need to see them live. At least once in the future.

YouTube videos of their live performances just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I’m kidding, of course it still works for me. I am getting goosebumps just from watching their recent performances. I could possibly breakdown if I do get to see them live. Much like how surreal it was to watch X-Japan last year. That experience was worth making an entire trip out of.

Perhaps, the only way for me to catch Arctic Monkeys is to make a trip to Europe again. That will something to ponder and keep in mind.

Speaking of which, I need to watch the Strokes as well.

the XX in Singapore!

I’m so excited! I am so stoked! Imagine the excitement I felt when I opened my inbox earlier this morning and I saw the below headline/subject line.

thexx email



gosh I was so excited that I couldn’t concentrate for a good hour, ooops. 😛

I still remember the disappointment I felt when I saw they announced SEVEN straight shows in London, but it starts only AFTER I’m already back home in sunny Singapore. I was bummed.

So, can you imagine the excitement I felt this morning as I saw that subject line? I was so excited.

Here’s what the message ultimately said:

thexx concert message

Yes! I am excited as well! I can’t wait to see you guys as well! On my birthday month too!

Perhaps all that excitement shouldn’t take me an hour to get over, right? Well, I created a playlist on Spotify, based off their setlist at Loolapalooza Brazil I am so hyped up already.

Check out the playlist below:

Further time was spent looking up more information on the concert as well event details on Facebook. The ticket details and seating plan is also out. Gosh, such excitement!!

thexx seating plan

Pretty much decided on getting Cat 2 tickets as the Cat 1 seating are sideways, and I feel that it sucks and Standing Pen, well, I don’t really wanna come early and queue just to get good spots for the standing pen.

Can’t wait for this to happen. Come 25th July 2017, you’ll definitely see me there!


-zullio 🙂