What is procrastination?

By definition:

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something 

It’s as simple as that. Putting off a task you’re supposed to complete at a certain time only to do it at a later date, that is procrastination.

What is procrastination to me?

Procrastination is not doing everything I’ve listed in head (yeah, I’ll have to work on putting it on a proper list) only to regret not doing it in the first place.

Procrastination is keeping all my ideas in my head and not jotting it down. I lose most if not all of my ideas. I really gotta work on this.

Procrastination is not starting this blog after a certain “hangout” so I can shade. But it’s all good now, live and and let live.

Procrastination is not picking up hobbies that I’ve been telling people I want to pick up but never actually made time for.


  • Ukulele
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Electronic music
  • Solo adventure into post-rock
  • Videography / Photography

Procrastination is not planning and booking and researching about my upcoming trip.

Procrastination is everything and yet it doesn’t amount to much. Perhaps it’s just an excuse that I hide behind, because all I truly am is lazy.

It’s a character flaw that I truly have to work on but honestly, it has it’s perks too. Like, if I were to pick up all the above listed hobbies, I would have spent even more money, so in a sense, my bank account can thank me for being such a procrastinator.

Well that’s all that is in my mind currently.

Peace out.


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