2016, Oh 2016

2016. What a year.

2016, the internet is calling you a disaster with all the disappoints that you’ve brought along, in the general sense of it all.

Has it been a disappointing year for me? Honestly, not really. There were ups as well as there were downs. But essentially, that was how life is supposed to be, full of ups and downs.

We’re sailing down the ocean, captaining our ship, “Life”. Sometimes the seas are rough, other times it’s calm. It’s all part of the journey to our goals and dreams.

Honestly, this post was going to be longer, in my head at least. Alas, I decided that I would split my 2016 review post into multiple posts (cause I’m organized like that, haha. 😂).

It has been years since I’ve last blogged and back then, I was a naive teen with a narrow view of the world at large. (I’m not counting the failed blog/website I did for my old band, that was ambitiousof us). I’ve grown since then, in more ways than one, hopefully one of it is wiser.

Okay, back to 2016.

Generally, I would say that it was an alright year. There were highs and there were lows. Through it all I have come through, a better person than I was in 2015, but nevertheless, it has been a journey of getting to know my resolve. Be it with troubles and stress at work, disappointments with love, or rather lack thereof, I can say I’m stronger now, mentally at least. I know my limits with stress and handling it better thanks to a TED Talk I came across many months ago.

Basically, stress is a good thing and one should embrace it rather than shun or avoid it altogether. Afterall, life with challenges is much more fulfilling than one with out any obstacles.

Hopes for 2017? (Resolutions, haha)

First off, I haven’t really made or accomplished any new years resolution since I was still a teenager. I could say it has almost been a decade since I’ve made one. But there is some good to making them, at least to keep you going on a path for the first few weeks of the new year.

Focus on myself.

  • Basically, just to discover who I really am as a person. Like how William discovered himself in Westworld.
  • Build on my strengths, work on weaknesses.

Get into the groove of guitar

  • I’ve been neglecting the guitar for far too long.
  • Just play it casually with no specific goal in mind.

Lose weight, lol.

  • Self-explanatory. Been too lazy in the past few years, gotta get up and move my ass.

See more, do more.

  • See more of the world, experience the outside world.
  • I’m a recluse by default and I missed out too many things and experiences just because I was lazy or there was no one to go with.
  • The above shall not and must not be an excuse anymore.

Well, that was my wrap up. Not overly specific, not overly detailed. I will look back and learn from my mistakes and just get on with my life. Keep moving forward.

-zullio 🙂


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